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There is nothing better than feeling welcome and comfortable when you enter a home. A great way to extend this feeling to your guests and family is to install pieces of art or decor items that make everyone feel instantly at home.

A trend that seems to be going strong is to dress up your front door or the entrance to your home with a fun, welcome sign! It used to be that you could hang a wreath on the door and be done with it, but now is the time to be more creative and make your guests feel like family.  All of the signs you see below can be purchased through Etsy, simply click each picture to learn more.


An Honest Home

We love the look of this sign but also the message because it’s honest! Most homes can be comfortable, messy, happy and loud so why not get that out of the way as guests enter and give them a little laugh as they settle in. This sign has a rustic vibe and would look great in a mudroom where everyone gets ready or as a front entrance sign.

Etsy: Peace Of Heart


Vertical Welcome Sign

This is the perfect sign when you’re short on space but you want to make everyone feel welcome.  This sign doesn’t take up much of a footprint in or outside the home but still makes a big statement as a stand-alone piece. We also love that you have an option to hang the sign or simply have it lean outside your front door. Lastly, if you keep this sign outside the front door or in your outdoor area, it should weather nicely over the years and give it a rustic, worn feel.

Etsy: Shabby Chalk

Welcome Door Hanger

If you find yourself to be more of a traditionalist and lean towards wreath’s more than a welcome sign, this door hanger is perfect for you! This is the perfect combo between a traditional wreath and a stand-alone welcome sign and it has a great modern look which goes well with most design schemes. The ribbon could be changed out monthly depending on the season which allows you to change things up without removing the sign.

Etsy: Brickhouse Design Comp

Pet Inspired Welcome Sign

If you are an animal lover and you would like to include that in the entrance of your home, this is the perfect way to do so. This cute home sweet home sign includes your furry friends with the addition of adorable paw prints instead of letters. This lets everyone know just how much you love your pet as the enter and lets your guests know that they may be showered with love from your pets on arrival.

Etsy: Rustic Oak Sign Co
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