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How To Decorate With Black & White Pictures

When it comes to decorating your home with art, you may find yourself leaning towards colorful prints and photos.  While this is a great way to go, don’t forget how amazing black and white can look in your home despite the lack of bright colors. Black and white photos can make a really big statement and the neutral palette can help the designs of the art and the subjects of the pictures really stand out. Keep reading to find out more on how to decorate with black and white pictures:


Create A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a trend that popped up a few years ago and it seems that it is a trend that is here to stay. If it’s a look you love why not create your own gallery wall with black and white photos. All you will need is frames of your choice and your favourite pictures to create a collection of memories for everyone to see. The best way to plan out your gallery wall is to lay it out on the floor in the order you want to hang it on the wall. This will give you a visual to work off of as you hang each picture. Make sure to decide on your design before you start adhering photos and frames to the wall.

Use A Mix Of Frames

Something that can make a big visual impact is using different frames when displaying your black and white photos in your home. You can use a variety of frame sizes and styles to help your photos stand out when they are all displayed together. Consider having your frames sit on a shelf like shown above to allow you to make changes as you create new memories or as the seasons change.


 Consider Mixed Media

Using a mix of media such as personal photos, artwork, postcards or even framable keepsakes can make for a personal and interesting display.  Spend time finding items that can be framed and lay them out on the floor to figure out how the items go together. By process of elimination, decide on how many items you would like to display and frame them so they can be displayed properly.  Ideally, you will want to use an uneven number of items to add an appealing look to your wall or shelf display.

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Think Big

If you decide you want to keep things a little more simple, why not go large with your black and white prints? This will make a huge statement in your home and can work great if you’re dealing with a large, empty wall space.  If you would like to use personal portraits, consider having them blown up and framed professionally for the biggest design impact. Otherwise, you can use black and white artwork that coordinates well together and can act as a set.

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