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The Fall season doesn’t technically start until September 22, but it’s important to get a few things done before the new season arrives! This is a great time to tackle home maintenance tasks, home organizing, house cleaning or giving your home a once over to prepare for a new time of year.  Keep reading to find out the 5 things you should get done before Fall arrives:

      1. Deep Clean: The last few weeks of Summer make for a fantastic time to give your entire home a deep clean. Make sure to give every room in the home some attention and take time to reduce clutter before the holidays. An added bonus is that you can have the doors and windows open as you clean without it being too cold outside,
      2. Pantry Shuffle: Fall and Winter end up being a time of big family dinners, soups and casseroles. So, it can be helpful to shuffle your pantry cupboard around, moving items like pasta, stocks, rice, spices to the front and moving anything you won’t use to the back. This way you’ll have everything you need on hand and you won’t need to spend time searching for it.
      3. Fireplace Maintenance Check:  As it gets colder outside you will be using your fireplace more and more. So, this is a great time of year to give your fireplace a general maintenance check and a good cleaning before those low temperatures hit.  If you own a Valor Fireplace, see here for a detailed guide to cleaning and caring for your fireplace.
      4. Tackle The Yard: The Fall season usually means there is lots of yard work to be done. So it can be helpful to clean and prep your yard ahead of time to cut down on the workload. Cleaning up the yard, weeding the garden, and preparing any plants are just a few things you can tackle before Fall hits to get ahead of the game. Also, consider packing away any summer furniture, toys, and anything else you don’t want out during the colder months.

Wardrobe Switch: 

    Lastly, it’s a great idea to switch around your wardrobe from Summer to Fall and Winter. It’s time to store away any shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits you won’t be using and make room for sweaters, jeans, and boots. This will free up closet space and gives you a new wardrobe to wear every season.
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