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If there is one thing that everyone needs more of in the home, it’s storage! So, that’s why wall shelves are a great addition to any space as they add storage, give you a place to display your favourite items and they look great.  In fact, some wall shelves act as an art piece on the wall and as a statement for the room.  Keep reading on for 5 unique wall shelves.

Plow Hearth

Rustic Wood Hanging Shelves

These rustic wood shelves add a charm to your space while offering a fairly wide space to display your favourite items. These shelves look great as a group or can be used as a stand-alone piece for a lighter look.  These shelves will stand out against neutral wall colours and become an eye-catching feature in your home. Click the picture for more information on these shelves.

Urban Outfitters

Triangle Wall Shelves

These shelves are unique in terms of shape and won’t take up too much space on the wall which is great with a small space. They hang from a metal bracket which makes for a smooth install and easy repositioning. These would be perfect in a hallway, bathroom or a small office as they pack a punch without taking up too much square footage. Click the picture to learn more about these shelves and where to purchase them.

Raw Wood Shelves

If you’re looking for a show-stopping set of shelves, look no further because these wood shelves are incredibly unique! They have the look of beautiful wood plucked from the forest, but they also have a rustic modern feel that is great for any space from the kitchen to the bedroom.  Click the picture for more information on these shelves.

The Lovely Drawer

Circular Shelving

If you prefer a one-piece unit of shelves instead of floating wall shelves, this is the perfect compromise. This modern shelf gives you an amazing look and offers a great amount of practical storage or display space. Because the sides are see-through it gives the look of a floating shelf and allows for light to shine through. This would look fantastic in a bedroom or in your living space filled with a mix of plants and candles. Click the picture to learn more.

The DIY Playbook

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

This style of shelving is incredibly trendy right now because of the industrial, yet modern look. So, why not create your own version of these shelves for your home! The great part of it being a DIY project is you can customize the shelves exactly to fit your space and you can play around with the details to get a look your love. Click the picture for more information and to learn how to make your own DIY industrial pipe shelves.

Stay Tuned!

As a quick tease, we’d like to let everyone know that Valor will be making an announcement related to the LX2 Multi-Sided fireplace and new shelf accessories over the next few days. Stay tuned Valor fans!

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