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This is the perfect time of year to decorate with pumpkins and bring some Fall festivity into your home! Pumpkins work great as a stand-alone decoration, but by grouping them together and adding different effects like paint or accents, you can make a great visual impact. Read on for inspiration and ideas for decorating with pumpkins.


Inspiration For Moms

DIY Pumpkin Topiary

This fun Fall DIY project allows you to create a beautiful pumpkin display for the front entrance of your home. With a few materials and a little time, you will be able to create your own DIY pumpkin topiary that is sure to impress anyone who stops by.  Click the picture for more information on how to create your own pumpkin topiary,

Canadian Living

Pumpkin Centerpiece

If you are looking for a show-stopping centrepiece for your Thanksgiving table, look no further! This beautiful display is made up of real pumpkins that have been painted in different shades and chosen in a variety of sizes to create a unique, festive look. This can easily be done at home and could be a fantastic activity for the whole family on a rainy afternoon. Click the picture to learn more.

H2O Bungalow

Flowering Pumpkins

Are you tired of the traditional flowers in a standard glass vase sitting on the counter? Well, if so this is the perfect way to shake things up all while bringing in some Fall spirit into the home.  You can use real pumpkins as a vase for your next Fall flower arrangement, simply by hollowing out a few small pumpkins and adding water. You can use a mix of flowers, succulents and greenery to create an eye-catching arrangement. Click the picture to learn more.

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