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The Dos And Don’ts Of Decorating With White

When it comes to home design, white has always been a popular and modern choice for the walls, furniture, floors and decor. However, there are some things to keep in mind when you decorate with white and it’s important to find a balance as you create your design.  Keep reading for the dos and don’ts of decorating with white.

Do Explore Different Shades

When you decide to use the color white as the main look in your home, it’s important to explore all of the shades available to find the right fit. For example, you may want an off-white for a bedroom to encourage a sense of warmth whereas you may want a bright white for your living space. No matter what you decide, make sure to try out a few paint choices on the wall before making your final decision.


Do Introduce Texture

A room made up of mostly white can look fantastic when you add in a variety of textures. This can be done by bringing in different textures through soft rugs, knit blankets, textured curtains etc. If you find yourself considering a white rug for your home, make sure to avoid high traffic rooms as it can be extremely difficult to keep the carpet looking white.

Don’t Forget To Reflect 

A great rule of thumb when decorating with white is to utilize mirrors to reflect the light around the room. This makes the room feel larger and can brighten a dark room that has a lack of windows.  Finding a mirror with intricate detail on the frame or a bright coloured finish, you can really make a statement against a white palette.


Don’t Be Afraid To Mix

Mixing shades of white, creams and neutrals in one room can be really modern when it’s done right.  You want to make white the main part of the color scheme and slowly bring in those other netural aspects to see how it comes together. From there add in warm tones and textures that make the room feel comfortable.

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