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Now is the time when most people are considering putting up the tree or perhaps going out to cut one down. Either way, the next step will be to decorate the Christmas tree, once it’s settled in the home. When it comes to decorating, there are so many options for color schemes and themed ideas, it can be hard to decide on just one. To help with that, we’ve narrowed it down to the 5 most eye-catching Christmas tree theme ideas below:


Love Grows Wild

Farmhouse Style 

We see the trend of farmhouse decor regularly in the home design world, so why not apply this beautiful trend to Christmas? By bringing in touches of the outside,  galvanized metal, bright whites and a little burlap you can create a farmhouse styled Christmas tree that everyone will be talking about. For an extra step, consider housing your Christmas tree in a large wicker basket or crate to truly complete the look.


Elle Decor

Seaside Christmas 

If you find yourself wishing you were somewhere warm this Christmas, then this tree may be perfect for your home. This style takes a standard Christmas tree from cold Winter nights and turns it into tropical, bright white Christmas with a few special touches. This tree uses a mix of gold, silver ornaments and seashells to give off a seaside vibe all while keeping within the Christmas tree spirit.

Blue Gray Gal

Blue Christmas

For a classic, yet unique twist on decorating this year consider going with a theme of blue Christmas, inspired by the beloved Christmas song. Now, whether you choose to flock your tree  is up to you but it  can give it a whole different look and in this case it really enhances the blue colour scheme.  For those who are unsure, flocking a tree means adding a substance (usually a pre made spray or you can DIY) to the tree to make it appear snowy and gives it a whimsical looking finish when the lights come on. Mix this technique with a blue coloured theme and you’ll truly have the perfect blue Christmas.

Two Sisters Crafting

Santa Inspired

Santa is such a big part of Christmas for some households and this is the perfect way to pay homage to the big guy in the red suit.  You can decorate your entire tree around the theme of Santa, by using red and white, santa themed ornaments and topping the tree with a Santa hat. Don’t forget to decorate all they way down to the bottom by using a red and white tree skirt to pull the whole look together,

Inspired By Charm

Into The Woods 

Buffalo check is a pattern we see often over the holiday season and in this case, it’s paired with woodsy decorations and a Christmas tree to create an outdoorsy look! This into the woods themed tree brings out some touches from the outside such as pinecones in combination with wood ornaments to make for a beautiful rustic display that will be the talk of your holiday party.

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