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Parties and dinner are so common this time of year that it can make the month of December fly by.  In fact, the month can be made even busier if you happen to be the host for Christmas! Between the prep work and actually hosting the event, there is a lot to remember.

This includes being a great host, which is easy to forget when you are trying to get everything done. So before you host your next event, check out this list to learn how to be a great host for the holidays:

Prepare In Advance

When you’re hosting Christmas dinner, it can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming. However, one of the best ways to feel relaxed while hosting is to prepare every detail you possibly can before the big day. Tasks like vegetable prep, bar set up or even table settings can be handled ahead of time to alleviate any stress and help you feel more organized before your guests arrive. 

Set An Agenda

While you want to provide an easy going and relaxed atmosphere for your guests, you also want to run the evening on some sort of agenda or timeline for a successful event! Now, this is not to say you need a schedule posted at the door as your friends enter, but it can be wise to have a rough timeline on your phone to follow as the night proceeds. Make sure to have an idea when the evening will start and end and let your visitors know ahead of time so they can manage their time and expectations. 

Consider Immediate Needs

When your guests first arrive, it can be easy to get caught up in pleasantries and exciting conversation.  Once, the hustle has slowed down and you have your guests in the door, make sure to take care of their immediate needs. Find out if they need a drink, something to eat or if they want to wash up before getting settled. Make sure you have comfortable seating available and take the time to sit with them and chat before you run off to handle things in the kitchen.  Lastly, make sure the temperature of the house is comfortable for everyone and consider turning on your Valor Fireplace for an extra layer of warmth and comfort. 

Don’t Forget To Enjoy

At the end of the day, a relaxed host is a great host so make this one of your first priorities when hosting Christmas.  Spend the time prior to the event to get yourself prepped and ready, set out appetizers before they arrive and make sure drinks will be readily available. By preparing ahead of time you’ll have more downtime through the actual dinner and when it comes to the end of the night, leave the cleaning until everyone goes home. Grab a drink and settle in to enjoy Christmas dinner with your friends and family! 

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