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    How To Create An Organized Workspace

    As technology continues to grow and become part of our every day lives we have to remember to keep things in perspective and stay as organized as possible. New tech devices, gadgets & more can easily clutter our desks making it nearly impossible to stay efficient. With home offices becoming more common we want to create a space where the workspace organized, efficient and distractions are minimized. Sort Through Sort through the initial layer of papers, gadgets and items on your desk and organize all the items into categories. Decide what is an everyday use item, what can be tossed and which items are simply cluttering your desk. Organize Now…

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    Where To Purchase A Valor Fireplace

    Ever wondered where you can purchase, view, or even just feel the warmth of a Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace? Valor does not sell their products online, but rather works with an authorized dealership network throughout North America. Each Valor Fireplace is sold via an authorized dealer network across Canada & the United States. Providing quality installations and aftermarket service, Valor dealers ensure that owning a Valor Fireplace is an enjoyable experience. Why Doesn’t Valor Sell Online? Some wonder why we don’t just sell our fireplaces online. Unfortunately buying online does not assure a qualified, safe installation or aftermarket servicing. Hidden costs, improper installations and bad service are just a few…

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    3 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Feel Modern

    It can feel intimidating to update or renovate your home, so it’s a great idea to start making small upgrades around the home to build your skills and to help you gain confidence for larger projects. These simple tricks add a nice touch to the home and they are easy changes to make. Keep reading to for 4 simple tricks to make your home feel modern: Air Vents: Floor air vents may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to home upgrades. However, these grates can have a brassy, undesirable finish and can be quite noticeable depending on where they’re located in the home. For a quick, cost-effective update…

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    Make Your Home Easier To Clean

    Cleaning the home can be an annoying task that seems to never end, but it doesn’t have to be that way! With a few simple tasks, you should find your home easier to clean as you settle into a new, efficient routine. Keep reading to learn how to make your home easier to clean: Combat Clutter When it comes to keeping the house clean, clutter can really impact how the house looks and feels. So, naturally to make your home easier to clean, eliminate any and all clutter around your home to allow for a minimalist look and more open space. Don’t forget to tackle areas such as bookshelves, nightstands and…

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    Advantages of Radiant Heat

    A lot of people wonder, what makes a Valor fireplace different than all of the others out there? Some might think it’s the unique looks of our fires, some might attribute the fronts and accessories, but the real stand out is Radiant Heat Technology. Regarded as the most comfortable and healthiest form of heating, radiant heating can be used for both heating indoor and outdoor areas. The basis of radiant heat is the sun itself – like the sun’s rays, radiant heat moves in straight lines warming all objects in its path which, in turn, act as small heat convectors and multiply the warmth. Valor’s Advantage Valor’s unique burner technology maximizes…

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    HeatShift™ Options & Benefits

    Keeps Walls Cooler Valor’s unique HeatShift™ transfers convective heat upwards through hidden ducts and back into the room — completely bypassing the wall and surface areas above the fireplace — so valued artwork, a TV or construction materials stay cooler. Flexible Installation Options Improved Performance A raised heat outlet improves convection airflow — reducing wall temperatures and improving overall performance – circulating warm air back into the room at a higher elevation. ƒ Harnessing convective warmth, up to 60% of fireplace heat rises and flows through HeatShift™ and back into the room. The remaining radiant heat emanates from the fireplace, warming people and their space. More options for construction Run…

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    Zone Heat Your Home

    Why is Zone Heating Important? By targeting specific areas in your home that you frequent the most, you ensure getting the perfect blend of radiant and convective warmth – where you want it, when you want it. Zone heating with a Valor gas fireplace requires no ducting or forced air, providing economical and efficient heating in the long run. How Can it Save on Central Heating Costs? An efficient Valor gas fireplace zone heater puts warmth directly into the space you wish to heat with virtually no cycling losses. Valor heaters utilize special lightweight steel and ceramic components to heat up quickly and reach efficiency in minutes. With a Valor…

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    How To Make Your Own Shower & Tile Spray

    When it comes to the bathroom, it can be a tough place to clean because of the tight corners and build up from regular household use. Now, you can purchase many different types of shower cleaners out there or you can make your own right at home and save a little bit of money. This shower and tile spray is easy to make, easy to use and will leave your bathroom looking clean and smelling fresh. Keep reading to find out how to make your own homemade shower and tub spray: Ingredients: 1 Cup Of White Vinegar 1/4 Cup Of Hot Water 1/3 Cup Of Dish Soap (Blue Dawn is…

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    5 Helpful Tips For Decluttering

    There is something about the new year and the month of January, that get us cleaning, organizing and decluttering our homes more than usual. So, to take advantage of this new found energy we’ve gathered 5 helpful tips for decluttering your home. Keep reading to find out more: Start By Collecting: Take a quick tour of the house with a laundry basket or box in hand. Pick up anything that isn’t in its correct place and throw it in the box and start putting things back as you walk by. This method will instantly reset your space and help you see areas of clutter. Tackle The Paper: Paper is one of the biggest items…

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    Visit Valor at the Calgary Renovation Show 2019

    Valor will be showcasing our fireplaces this week at the Calgary Renovation Show! Visit booth #142 to learn more about latest products and offerings, and feel the warmth of a radiant gas fireplace.   When’s the show? January 11th – 13th, 2019 Where’s the show? The Calgary Renovation Show will be held at the BMO Centre. For directional and mapping support, click the map below:   Where’s Valor’s booth? Make sure to visit booth #142 where you’ll find stunning radiant gas fireplaces from Valor. Drop by our booth during your visit to learn more! To learn more about the Calgary Renovation Show, please click here.