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It can feel intimidating to update or renovate your home, so it’s a great idea to start making small upgrades around the home to build your skills and to help you gain confidence for larger projects. These simple tricks add a nice touch to the home and they are easy changes to make. Keep reading to for 4 simple tricks to make your home feel modern:

  1. Air Vents: Floor air vents may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to home upgrades. However, these grates can have a brassy, undesirable finish and can be quite noticeable depending on where they’re located in the home. For a quick, cost-effective update spray paint all the vents in your home. With one can of spray paint and one can of primer, you can paint ten air vents and you can choose a modern colour to match your home’s design.
  2. Light Switch Covers: If you find your light switch covers are starting to look old or marked up, it may be a good time to change them all for a streamlined look. Take a quick count of how many light switch covers you need and replace them all with nice clean white covers. This little change makes a huge difference and can instantly upgrade your home.
  3. Doorknobs: Are you still in the process of replacing outdated, brassy doorknobs around your home? It can be pretty expensive to replace all your home’s hardware in one go, so instead why not work with what you have! To give your doorknobs the update they need, simply grab that handy spray paint and coat all of the door knobs. You can purchase a metallic spray paint from the local hardware store that will give you the same finish you would see on a modern doorknob.

Have you made any DIY upgrades to your home? Comment below!

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