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The arrival of a new year brings exciting changes, including new design trends for 2019. This list will give you just a small look at what is predicted to be the hottest and most popular trends and designs for the year.

Trends are a great thing to keep in mind when renovation or building a new home as they could end up influencing your decision. Keep reading to find out more:

Floral Patterns

When you hear the word floral you may think of an overwhelming design or outdated look, but surprisingly a floral pattern can be quite modern and unique. It’s predicted this year that floral with be THE pattern of 2019, so consider using it as a show stopping feature wall in your home or on your curtains to give the room a bright twist.

Rich Colour Palettes

Jewel tones and dark, rich colors are going to be a hot trend this year and can be a unique addition to your home. By decorating with this palette or even using aspects of it, you can create a bold and dramatic design within your home. Consider pulling this look in through furniture if you need a stand alone piece or in something small such as a ottoman or rug,

Brass Decor

The year of 2018 was all about stainless steel, but with a new year upon us brass is coming back with vengeance. This warm finish mixes well with any design plan and can be used through hardware, decor or plumbing finishes. Don’t forget to consider hanging a brass framed mirror for a eye catching look in your bathroom.

Four-Poster Beds

Last but certainly not least, this year we are seeing the return of the whimsical four poster bed. This style of furniture evokes a feeling of calm and comfort which is a big reason why it’s such a hot trend this year. You can customize the look of your four poster bed by choosing your own custom linens and drapery that will make a visual impact.

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