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There is something about the new year and the month of January, that get us cleaning, organizing and decluttering our homes more than usual. So, to take advantage of this new found energy we’ve gathered 5 helpful tips for decluttering your home. Keep reading to find out more:

  1. Start By Collecting: Take a quick tour of the house with a laundry basket or box in hand. Pick up anything that isn’t in its correct place and throw it in the box and start putting things back as you walk by. This method will instantly reset your space and help you see areas of clutter.
  2. Tackle The Paper: Paper is one of the biggest items to cause a huge amount of clutter in the home, so it’s important to tackle it regularly. Gather all the loose paper lying around the home and combine it all in one place. Recycle what you won’t need and if possible file away what’s important. A small filing cabinet or drawer can make a huge difference when it comes to reducing paper clutter.
  3. Reduce Clothing: Clothing can pile up extremely quick in the closet and in dresser drawers and in most cases it will spill into the bedroom. So to reduce clothing clutter and get it under control, take everything out and pile it in one place and go through each item, checking for fit and if it’s something you’ve worn in the last 3 months. If it’s no good, send it for donation and move on to the next item. This process will allow you to reduce and reorganize which is the best thing you can do for controlling clutter.
  4. Review Shelving: It’s easy to overlook clutter sometimes when you have bookshelves or storage shelves. But it’s important to sort through what you have and try to pare down and declutter the shelves as you go.
  5. Clear The Counters: The countertops in our home tend to be the place where items we use often gather and it can become cluttered quickly. So, it’s time to clear the counters off and put away anything that isn’t essential. Give yourself more room to work in the kitchen and utilize the cupboards and storage areas for the items that were once on the counter. This will help when it comes time to cook and it will make cleaning the counters a breeze.
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