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Vintage style and retro decor has been on the rise lately in the home design world and it’s no surprise why. Retro style brings a layer of charm to your home and can mix in really well in a modern setting. While it can be intimidating to go bold with colors and patterns, the end result is well worth the risk! Keep reading to learn 3 ways to add retro style to your home:

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If you want to go bold when it comes to adding retro style to your home, the best place to start is with the furniture. Whether you want to go for a velvet couch or a retro cocktail cabinet, the options are truly endless. If it feels like a big step to add in some of the larger pieces of retro style furniture, start small with side tables or lamps to see how it looks.


Decor Items
It can be really simple to bring in a retro feel to your space, by adding decor items that stand out. For example, record players are making a comeback and while they are updated, they have kept that same classic look that gives off a retro feel. Also, try to bring in colors such as aqua, bright reds and light yellows for an exciting color palette.



Textures are key when it comes to adding retro style to any room and you can go really bold with your choices which adds an unexpected element to the room. Retro style calls for shag carpets, wall hangings and multicoloured throw pillows so don’t be afraid to go extra bold here and let the texture and patterns shine. Balance out the bright color scheme with some neturals and you’ll have the pefect balance!

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