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While it seems to be getting colder and colder outside, it’s important we keep our home nice and toasty warm. Now, you can easily bundle up with a sweater or two to avoid the cold temperatures, but why not find ways to warm up your house and keep it cozy for the whole family. Keep reading for 4 tips for a warm home:

  1. Utilize Curtains: Curtains can be a great item for keeping the heat in the home and they make a great modern accessory for most windows. Now, when it comes to keeping the heat in you’ll want to consider hanging thicker curtains or blackout curtains over the largest windows in the home as that is where cold air tends to enter. Also, don’t forget to open up the curtains during the daylight hours to let in any sun that may appear, as that will help keep the house warm throughout the day.
  2. Close Doors: A simple trick to keep the heat in the home is to close all the doors to the rooms you aren’t currently using. This will help keep the heat in the rooms you are using and will prevent drafts. Also, place thick blankets in front of any doors that may be extra drafty for additional cold protection.
  3. Cover Up: It may surprise you to know that we lose 10% of our home’s heat through the floor if we don’t add proper insulation! In this case, an easy fix is laying out large area rugs or carpets in the spaces you use the most to keep in the heat and insulate the floor. Feel free to layer up for a designers touch and extra warmth.
  4. Turn On The Warmth: Whether you have a wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace, it’s important to use it over the colder months of the year to keep the entire household warm. Make sure to turn on the fireplace in the late afternoon to heat the home for the evening and keep the temperature comfortable and warm.
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