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It can be hectic to try and go out on Valentine’s Day as everyone is out and the reservation list is usually full. So instead of fighting the crowds, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your own home where you won’t find a line up and the menu is up to you! Keep reading to learn how to celebrate Valentines day at home:

Dinner & A Movie
You can’t go wrong with dinner and a movie, especially when it’s in the comfort of your own home. Plan for an evening of takeout and rented movies or spend the evening cooking together and watching your favorite films. Whatever type of evening you decide on, don’t forget the popcorn and a cozy blanket.

Family Night

If Valentines Day turns out to be more of a family affair, why not get everyone in the spirit and celebrate together! One great activity and dinner idea is homemade pizzas as everyone can get involved and cooking it, is just as fun as eating it. For an extra holiday touch, shape your pizza dough into heart shaped pies!

Cooking Class

You may be surprised to hear that cooking classes can not only be done in the comfort of your own home, but they also won’t cost any money! There are so many options for free cooking classes online and you really can plan your evening around one of these lessons and turn it into a date. Start your evening by choosing a class, shopping together for the ingredients and cook the evening away! At the end you’ll be left with a delilous meal and new memories you won’t forget.

Dessert For Dinner

Lastly, for a simple but decadent idea, skip dinner and head straight for dessert. Plan a whole evening of dessert items and sweet treats and skip the traditional dinner menu. If you happen to have an extra sweet tooth, consider a night of chocolate fondue to really sweeten your evening.

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