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The living room is truly the hub of the house where usually everyone gathers at some point during the day. So, you want it to be a cozy space where everyone feels welcome to get comfortable and relax. To achieve that, it’s important to consider using warm tones, comfortable fabrics and layers of light. Keep reading to learn more on how to create a cozy living room.

Accent Wall

An inexpensive yet effective way to create a cozy feel for the whole room is to paint an accent wall into the room. When choosing a color for your accent wall, make sure to choose a warm tone that will pair nicely with your existing room design. Once the accent wall is painted, it’s a great location to hang your favourite piece of art as it will catch the eye of everyone who enters. Altertively, if you prefer more of a textured look, consider a wood plank wall for a rustic touch.

Comfort First

One of the most important things to tackle when it comes to redesigning your living room is the level of comfort for everyone who spends time in the space. You want to create a setting where it looks modern but feels welcoming and comfortable for everyone, even the family pet! One great way to extend the feeling of comfort is to use an ottoman instead of a traditional coffee table. Make sure to have enough seating space for everyone in the family and in a pinch the ottoman not only works as a table but as additional seating.

Invite Light

When it comes to making a room feel comfortable and inviting natural light plays a huge part in bring the whole space together. Make sure all the windows in the room aren’t covered or draped in heavy fabric as you’ll want the natural light to flow through the room. When choose curtains or blinds, consider lighter fabrics and shades to create an extra cozy space.

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