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It may sound like an official term, but a family command center is a place for your calendar, your organizers and somewhere for family to see what’s coming up next. Now, this may be in your home office, at your front door or even in the kitchen, so it’s important you keep the command center organized. You’ll need a few basic items, but before you know it you’ll have a communal place to keep the whole family organized.

Pick Your Spot

When it comes to picking a spot in your home for your family command center, it’s important to put it somewhere everyone will see it. You want to put it in a popular part of the home where everyone stops by at least once per day, for example, the kitchen or your living space.  Once you’ve found your spot, clear out the space and only keep what you’ll need to get organized.

Create Communication

One of the biggest things needed in a family command center other than a calendar is a place for everyone to communicate as they go through their day. This could be anything from a chalkboard to a whiteboard or even a kraft paper roll for never-ending messages. Whatever you decide, make it easy to access and in a central spot so no important messages end up getting missed.

Provide A Dock

Electronics seem to run our lives these days and when the evening finally settles in, it can be nice to dock everything and turn off. So, create an area on your command center where everyone in the family can dock their electronics, covering everything from tablets to phones for the night. This will lead to no distraction dinners, easier conversation and everyone will sleep better without a device in their room.

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