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4 Ways To Display Photos

Displaying family photos around the home is nothing new, but when you display the photos outside of the traditional frame it can become a unique part of your home decor. These DIY ideas can be created with household items you most likely have on hand and it won’t be long before you have a beautiful, handmade photo display.


Natural Photo Display

This idea brings in a little bit of the outside in as you will be using a branch of your choosing to help display your photos. You’ll need some clear craft string and roughly 30-35 of your favorite photos to complete the display. This photo hanging display looks great done with black and white photos but can also be done with color pictures. For more info on how to create this display, click here.

Blessed Beyond Crazy

Rustic Charm

If your home has more of a rustic feel, this can be a great way to display your photos while keeping with the design plan. You’ll need a old shutter for this project, the more worn the better because the rustic look of the shutter will contrast nicely with the photos. Simply choose your favorite photos and start placing them slightly apart from one another. For more information on this photo display, click here.


Clip & Go

This photo display is perfect if you happen to have a polaroid camera, but if not it works great with full-size photos as well! Not only is this the easiest way to display your photos, but it also offers you the flexibility to change your photos out whenever the mood strikes. For more information on this photo display, click here.


Photo Blocks

These small, yet modern photo blocks make for a great decoration around the home and it’s a simple DIY project that can be done at home. The photos can be changed around frequently and these blocks are great for display on bookshelves, coffee tables or as a stand-alone photo display. For more information on this photo display, click here.

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