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When you’re feeling like you want to refresh and upgrade your home but you don’t know where to start, it can be good to start with small home projects. These simple tasks show impressive results and can leave your home feeling fresh and clean. Read on for more on how to refresh your home:

Air Out The Home

It’s likely someone in your home has had a cold or cough over the Winter season, so now is the perfect time to air it all out and kick out the germs. Try to plan for a warm day and open every door, window, and vent in the house for several hours if possible. Throw on an extra sweater if it’s a cooler day or switch on your Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace to keep warm. While the house airs out, this is a great time to shake out carpets, rugs or any linens that may need it and remove the dust from the house.

Touch Ups

Over time our walls tend to chip and show small imperfections that can be easy to ignore on a day to day basis. But, by filling these dents and touching up the paint colors, it gives the home a clean look and your walls will go back to looking like they’ve been newly painted.

Kitchen Cabinet Care

Kitchen cabinets have a tendency to hide dust, crumbs, and dirt in the smallest of areas which can be hard to see. To battle the dust bunnies, set aside some time to do a deep clean of the kitchen cabinets, inside and out all the way down to the hinges. Don’t forget to dust and wipe the top of the cabinets if needed, because this is a huge area where dust tends to collect.

Hardware Update

Lastly, an easy yet fairly inexpensive home upgrade is to replace the hardware that may look tired or old in the home. This could be anything from handles to doorknobs to the faucet in the kitchen, if it looks tired and worn, replace it! Once you’ve installed the new hardware, you may be surprised at how refreshed the home feels.

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