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The living room is the hub or center of the home where the whole family has space to gather, relax and rest after a long day. Because this space is used so often, it’s important to keep the room looking great, all while giving off an inviting and comfortable feeling. If you aren’t feeling that from your living room set up or design, maybe it’s time for a mini makeover to help the room feel new and fresh again.

Consider Bright Colors

Bright colors in a neutral or dim space can do wonders for the entire room. For an easy makeover tip, consider adding in bright colors in decor pieces, throw pillows or art work to add a pop of color to the space. If you really want to change up the style of the room, consider using a bright color for an accent wall for an eye catching feature.

Refurbish & Renew

It can be expensive to replace furniture when you want to give your living room a small facelift, so why not refurbish or change your existing pieces? It could be anything from painting a bookshelf to adding a new top to a coffee table, by making a small change you can completely change the look of the piece and in turn that will give your living room a new look.

Art Switch

Sometimes it can be easy to keep the same pieces of art on the wall for years at a time, simply out of habit. Replacing or switching out the art in your living room can breathe new life into any space with this simple change. Consider bringing in a new style of art to change up your style or consider creating your own art for a personal twist.

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