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Smart lightbulbs and lighting are all the rage right now in homes all across the world. This is no surprise, as these small but powerful lightbulbs offer a lot of options and customization so you can have your lighting exactly how you want. If you find yourself on the fence, here are 3 reasons to consider smart lightbulbs:

  1. Maximum Control: The biggest feature that comes with installing smart lightbulbs in your home, is the amount of control you suddenly have over your lighting. You can control the lightbulbs from your phone while choosing the level of brightness, the color and some even give you the option to play music. You can adjust your home lighting from anywhere through smartphone and you can set routines to help the bulbs remember how you like your lighting.
  2. Instant Mood: Lighting plays a big part in setting the ambiance around your home and by using smart bulbs you can create a custom lighting environment. You can dim all of the lights in your home to different levels, highlighting different areas of the room without going through the hassle of installing dimmer switches. Improve Sleep:
  3. Lastly, smart bulbs not only are convenient, but they can also help improve your overall sleep. You can choose to have the lights dim and start to turn down when bedtime approaches to help you wind down for the evening. You can also set your lights to help you rise and wake at a more gentle pace which can really help start the day off on the right foot.
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