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Pastel colors go hand and hand with the Spring season and with the upcoming Easter holiday. So this is a great time to incorporate pastel color into your existing home decor and brighten up your space. You can decide how much pastel you want in your space, but even little pops of pastel color will help brighten up the home.

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When you want to bring in a new color palette into your home it can be important to start with small doses to see how you feel about the change. So when it comes to bringing in pastels for the Spring season, bedding and linens can be a great way to bring in those new colors without overwhelming your home. Consider layering your pastel items with bright whites to help the whole look stand out.

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Flowers in the home can make a huge impact on your space and can really brighten up a dark room. For extra impact, consider buying your flowers faux or fresh in a pastel color palette such as light purples, pinks and yellows to really make a visual impact. For an added touch, display the flowers in a blue or teal jar to complete the look.

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If you really just want small touches of pastel colors in your home, decor items can be a great way to bring in a new palette with making huge changes. Whether you choose to bring in pastel plant containers, a display clock or Spring-inspired throw pillows these little touches can make a huge difference in freshning up your space.

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