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HeatShift™ Options & Benefits

Keeps Walls Cooler

Valor’s unique HeatShift™ transfers convective heat upwards through hidden ducts and back into the room — completely bypassing the wall and surface areas above the fireplace — so valued artwork, a TV or construction materials stay cooler.

Flexible Installation Options

Improved Performance

A raised heat outlet improves convection airflow — reducing wall temperatures and improving overall performance – circulating warm air back into the room at a higher elevation.
Harnessing convective warmth, up to 60% of fireplace heat rises and flows through HeatShift™ and back into the room. The remaining radiant heat emanates from the fireplace, warming people and their space.

More options for construction

Run heat sensitive finishing materials right up to the fireplace surround, including drywall, wood, tile, and stone. Install mantels at a one-to-one ratio of depth to height from the fireplace surround when using HeatShift™

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