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How To Incorporate Wood Into Your Home

Wood has made a huge comeback over the years and we are starting to see it in almost every home. Whether it’s wood floors or a wood bed frame, there are so many options when it comes to incorporating wood into your home and it can really help improve the look of your space.


Wood flooring can be a great choice for almost any room in the house as it’s versatile and can really help update your space. While installing a new floor isn’t a quick way to incorporate wood into your home, the results will be well worth it and you’ll be left with brand new, low maintenance flooring.

Accent Wall

A great way to update your room without too much change is to add in a wood accent wall. By adding an accent wall you will bring a new texture to the room and it will instantly add a modern feel. Look into the different types of wood available and find the finish that best matches your room.

If your accent wall has a fireplace, consider the Valor HeatShift System™. Designed to reduce surface temperatures, HeatShift is recommended when adding a wall mounted TV, artwork or heat sensitive materials above your fireplace. Your walls will stay cool while the fireplace heats your home. Learn more about HeatShift.


Decorating your home with wood furniture isn’t anything new but it can feel like it when you find unique wood pieces that fit your home and style perfectly. When your shopping for wood furniture consider all options by looking at furniture stores, thrift shops, and flea markets. As an added bonus, wood tends to weather and age well adding more character as the years go on.

Decor Accents

Decor pieces and accent items for your home can be the final details that really pull the look of the room together and complete the design. These items can also make the home feel more inviting, all while giving off a modern feel. For example, decor pieces such as wooden crates, hand-carved sculptures or even a blanket ladder can really make all the difference in your space.

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