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When it comes to the metallic family, it is no wonder why gold is a popular metal choice for interior home design because of its shimmery appearance and classic look. Gold can make a bold statement in any space but at the same time blend well with other colors and can add a little excitement and elegance to the inside of your home. So, once you decide that you would like to add gold into your design scheme, you need to figure out the perfect way to incorporate it so it mixes well with your current items but still has a chance to stand out.

Keep reading below to see 4 ideas for decorating with gold around and inside the home:

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  1. Furniture: It may feel intimidating to have gold furniture within your home, but you may be surprised at just how fantastic it can look. The key thing to keep in mind is that the entire piece doesn’t need to be gold from top to bottom, in fact, it’s better to find furniture that uses gold as the main color but mixes in other shades as well. This will help the piece blend into your design plan and will encourage the piece to stand out above the rest.  Tables, chairs, large mirrors, and even couches are a great place to start when looking for gold furniture.
  2. Accent Pieces: If you find yourself feeling unsure about incorporating the color gold into your home, it’s advised to start small to get a feel for the style. Try to decorate your home with small touches of gold such as artwork, vases or decorative pieces. This way you can see how you feel about the metal and have a chance to work it into your current space to see how it looks. This is a great way to avoid a big change immediately and you might just find that you love it once you have added into your space.
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  3. Fabric: When you’re looking for an elegant way to bring gold tones into your space, consider doing so by adding in gold curtains or fabric. This will give your home an instant upgrade and the curtains will highlight any pieces that happen to surround it. Try and pair neutrals with these stand out curtains to allow them to truly shine within your space and consider adding in darker shades such as black’s and gray’s to balance out the bold choice.
  4. Lighting: Lastly, when you have committed to using gold in your home and want to make a grand statement, why not go big by using an elegant and attention-grabbing light fixture? Not only will a gold fixture allow light to shine through your home freely, but it will also be a showstopper for anyone who enters the home. Try and find a modern style that represents your space well and places it where it can be seen throughout the home and enjoyed by all. Pair this light fixture with attractive accents and don’t be afraid to decorate additionally with a little extra gold around the room your working with for a great look.
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