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The exterior of your home sets the scene for anyone visiting and gives off an initial impression, so it’s important to make sure the front of your house is looking as good as the rest. Now, while it might feel intimidating to upgrade your home, you can take on little projects that make a big impact.

Green Focus

If you have a large front yard or space for greenery, this should be a big focus when it comes to upgrading curb appeal. Having well cared for grass is step number on as the grass sets the background for the rest of your yard. Next, consider adding in flowers, trees and shrubbery to create an inviting fresh entrance. Lastly, don’t forget to highlight entryways and windows when planting greenery as you won’t want to hide those spaces away.

Invite & Light

It’s important to create an inviting space that feels comfortable ever before you cross the front door. The best way to accomplish this is to ensure your front entrance and yard has ample light that helps guides visitors and family to your front entrance. Consider pathway lighting and garden accent light if overhead lighting from the front door isn’t giving you enough light. Layers of light outside can make for a visually pleasing entrance and it can make your home feel incredibly welcoming.

Consider Decor

You may not think about decor the front entrance of your home, but small items can really improve your overall curb appeal. Decor for the front of the house can be anything from a few colourful planters, a rustic welcome sign or a simple lantern that gives your front door some character. No matter what you choose, make sure the decor shows off a little bit of your personality to anyone who may enter.

Update Your Door

Lastly, because your front door tends to be the center of attention, it’s important to keep it looking good! Consider repainting the door a bright color that will bring focus to the front of your house, all while giving off a modern look. Also, if needed it can make a big visual impact to change the hardware on your front door to an updated and modern looking handle.

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