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When you’re planning decor and furniture for your outdoor space, you want the space you’re working with to feel like an extension of the inside of your home; offering comfort while staying stylish. A comfortable, yet practical space with ample seating and a few comforts that make you feel just as comfortable outside as you do in.

Plan Seating

Seating outside is important because in most cases you’ll be entertaining multiple people which requires the proper amount of seating for a crowd. Consider your needs when purchasing furniture such as a sectional for social, comfortable seating or an outdoor dining table if you find yourself enjoying meals in the yard regularly.

Add Warmth

When you add a source of warmth to your outdoor space, it extends how long you can use this space on a daily basis. You’ll be able to enjoy cool evenings because you’ll have a source of warmth to keep you comfortable without having to go inside.

Depending on your needs you could consider a small propane fire table that will work well for a smaller backyard or on the opposite end consider a Valor radiant gas fireplace to keep every one including your guests warm all Summer long.

Offer Comfort

Lastly, the little accents and homey touches can really pull together the look of your backyard space and can help the area feel very comfortable. Consider adding small decor items, blankets to use when the evenings start to cool or pillows to create an extra inviting space to sit and relax.

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