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It can be easy to stick with a similar color palette or design plan when it comes to updating your home, but sometimes it can be a great idea to branch out and bring some color into your space. While this may seem like an intimidating idea at first, color in your space can really highlight the design of your home and bring in some excitement.


For those who like neutral color palettes, it can be really hard to branch out to colors or patterns that you’re not used to using regularly. To make an exciting change, consider bringing in color within your furniture as it can make a big statement but can find balance when you work it into your existing color scheme.

Linens & Textures

A simple yet stunning way to invite color into your home is to choose colorful blankets and pillows to freshen up your space without making a permanent change. These little touches of color can brighten up your home and can be moved and adjusted as the season or your mood changes. Try to choose a pattern or item that you love and use it for color inspiration for the room.


Lastly, when you’re ready to make a large designer statement in your room it can be a great idea to bring in brightly colored artwork that suits your personality and your home’s style. Anything from bright abstract art to personal home photography will do the trick and you can base your room’s overall design around the art to create a balance of bright colors and neutrals.

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