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Decorating the home with houseplants is a great way to bring a little of the outdoors in and bring some pops of fresh green into the home. The options are endless in terms of plant variety so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a houseplant that mixes in well with your existing decor.

Succulent Decor

Succulents are forever popular because of their exotic look and for how stylish they can look in almost any space. When it comes to creating a display, you can group together your succulents to create a small garden or plant each succulent separately for a clean, modern look. Not only will they look great as decor they also couldn’t be easier to take care of as they require little to no attention.

Corner Attraction

One of the best things about houseplants is that they can fit into seemingly any space, including corners! This can be great for the room that just seems to have something missing, a houseplant can fill the space nicely and bring in a great pop of green to the room.

Unique Containers

When it comes to decorating with houseplants, it’s important to put as much thought into the containers as you put into the plant. The container that the plant lives in will be apart of your decor and it can be a great opportunity to choose a unique container. Consider using household objects as planters such as vintage tins, a watering can or even your favorite china bowl.

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