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Blankets are a must-have in any home whether it’s your feather down duvet for your bed or a comfortable throw that is perfect for cuddling on the couch, blankets are necessary all through the home. So, this means we need somewhere practical yet visually appealing to store blankets in so that they don’t overtake the space in our home.


Blanket Ladder

A wood blanket ladder is a great way to store many blankets at once, all while creating a new piece of modern decor for your home that will display your favorite blankets. One of the bonuses of using a blanket ladder is the fact that they almost take up no square footage yet it adds accessible storage to the room and allows you to change up the look of the ladder regularly.

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Furniture Display

One way to display your favorite blankets or throws is on the furniture that is in your living or bedroom space, as this will help the room feel more comfortable and your cozy blankets will be within reach at a moments notice. Consider the color palette of your furniture when choosing blankets to display as bolder colors will pop nicely against the seating in the room.

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Basket Storage

When you happen to be a blanket lover, you might find that you have multiple throws that need a permanent place for storage. A large, oversized basket makes for great storage in the home as it can hold quite a few blankets at a time and it looks great as an addition to a room in your home.

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