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When it comes to organizing your home, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to take on, especially if you plan to reorganize your entire home. However, the benefit of getting your home organized and under control is that over time you should notice yourself doing less overall house cleaning and every room should start to feel more functional.

Empty & Sort

No matter what area of the home you choose to tackle, a great rule of thumb is to empty the area your working on such as a bookshelf or cupboard and sort everything you find. Sort all of the items out into three piles keep, donate, trash to make clear and easy decisions as you process each object. Keep this process up as you go through every room in the home and try to reduce as much as possible.


As you go through each room and organize, you may find yourself with extra boxes, bins or other storage containers as you start to reduce the number of items in your home which can be helpful as you continue to organize and group items together.

Group & Label

Speaking of grouping items together, this is a really important step to getting your entire home feeling organized and functional. When possible try and group your items in a container or a storage box to make them easily accessible and add a label to make it clear where everything should return to when your cleaning.

Tackle Paper

Lastly, the paper items that exist in our home whether it’s bills or notices become a big part of why our living areas can feel unorganized or cluttered and it can truly add a layer of unneeded stress. Gather up all the paper in your home and separate it into a keep pile and a recycle pile to help reduce how much you’ll need to store away. This little step will make a huge difference in how your home looks and feels and you’ll be reducing clutter along the way.

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