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As we hit the peak of the Summer season, the temperatures keep rising outside and the sun seems to shine brighter every day, which makes keeping ourselves comfortable an absolute priority. Now the big question is how do you get your home and yourself to a good temperature? Well, you won’t need expensive air conditioning but you might need to get a little creative for some great results that keep you cool this Summer.

Close It Down

Keeping your home cool in the Summer can be a big hurdle, especially when the sun is out for so much longer during the day. One great step you can take to prevent the hot air from sticking around is to close up the home as much as possible. You can achieve this by closing the blinds, shutting the doors around your home and turning off any lighting you aren’t using to prevent adding any extra heat to your home.

Switch The Linens

One of the hardest things to achieve over the Summer months is a comfortable full nights sleep because the nighttime can feel unbearably hot. So as the temperatures rise, now is a great time to switch out the linens on your bed for a better nights sleep. You’ll want to choose a light material such as cotton, bamboo or silk to help keep your body temperature down as sleep the night away comfortably.

Consider Plants

Believe it or not, houseplants can do some of the work when it comes to cooling down your home environment. When placed by a window plants such as aloe vera, ficus trees, and snake plants are great choices for soaking up the sunshine that enters your home and cooling the home throughout the day.

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