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When it finally comes time for a change in seasons we tend to start making changes around the home such as changing linens out from light to heavy or rotating your wardrobe to prepare for cold weather.

But what about the bathrooms in your home? It’s easy to forget about smaller rooms, however, these areas are just as important as the rest and should be included when making changes for the arrival of a new season.

Fresh Start

With the change of the season, it is a great time to give your bathroom a deep clean so it’s ready for the next few months ahead and so you feel comfortable in your own four walls. This could mean anything from a new coat of warm paint on the walls to reorganizing the bathroom cupboards from top to bottom. Make sure to pay close attention to small areas like the grout in the shower and nooks surrounding the cabinets and floors where dirt and grime can hide.

Linen Investment

When it comes to deciding on linens for the bathroom, it can be very worthwhile to invest a little money into your towels, area rugs, and accent linens. This will not only set you up with quality linens to use through the cold winter months, but it will also make your bathroom feel luxurious and welcoming as you use it daily. Also, consider finding a soft rug that matches the bathroom well and provides warmth for your feet on chilly mornings.

Small Details

You may not think that the small soaps and luxurious candles make a difference in a standard bathroom, but it can make the whole room feel welcoming for any guests and the whole family. Consider adding a few of your favorite small soaps or lotions to your bathroom counter to make them easily available to everyone. Also, adding in candles or a small lamp can make all the difference to a darker bathroom as you instantly will add another layer of light into the room.

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