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Home and decor inspiration changes regularly, as there is always a new idea or style waiting around the corner. But one decor trend that has stuck around over the last few years, chalkboards or using chalkboard paint in and around the home.

Chalkboards can be so versatile as you can use them as a practical way of communication, as beautiful wall decor or you can even paint a whole wall in chalkboard finish for an exciting feature. Whatever you decide to do, get your creative side ready because once the chalkboard is up the real designs can begin.

As Cute As A Bugs Ear

Accent Wall

Chalkboard paint has come along way over the years, so much that instead of just painting chalkboard paint on frames and canvases, we are now painting the walls and furniture and the finished product looks great! Adding chalkboard to your home can add a fun, exciting twist to any room of the home and it can add a new texture on a big scale that will help highlight your existing decor. For more information on this chalkboard wall, click here.

How To Nest For Less

Wall Decor

For a more traditional use of chalkboards, consider using a framed or rustic chalkboard as a feature piece of art in your home to make a modern, yet homey statement. Whether you choose to decorate with one large chalkboard or several small boards, arranged to make a wall display make sure to add your personal touch with white or colored chalk. For more information on this display above, click here.

Love Create Celebrate

Communication Center

Lastly, if it feels like your home needs an area where everyone can check-in throughout the day, consider creating a communications center that uses a chalkboard as the base. This can be a place where you could keep the family calendar, mail can be organized or it can provide you with a message center for the whole family to use. For more information, the command center above, click here.

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