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Vinegar is something most of us have around the house or hiding in the cupboards. It may not be something you use regularly, but surprisingly it can be the magic ingredient to fixing common household issues. Vinegar is so versatile it can be applied in and around the house, outside in the garden, and as a base for homemade, natural cleaners.

Wood Water Rings: Forget to use a coaster? Vinegar has got you covered and come to the rescue of your furniture! Mix equal parts of vinegar and olive oil in a small bowl and apply the mixture to the water rings rubbing in the direction of the wood grain. Finish the process by going back over the ring with a soft, dry cloth to shine the area.

Brighten Brick: If a brick finish surrounds your Valor Fireplace, you can easily shine the bricks to keep them looking shiny and new! Using a bucket, add 1 cup of vinegar to 1 gallon of water and mix. Dampen your cloth and rub each brick to reveal a fresh and bright shine that will help your fireplace stand out even more.

Chrome Shine: When you want to get your chrome appliances looking shiny and like new, consider using vinegar for your next deep clean. Add vinegar to a spray bottle and lightly spray it over your chrome surface — Buff the area with a soft cloth to achieve the maximum shine.

Washing Machine: Save yourself from buying those expensive washing machine cleaning products and use vinegar to clean the inside of your washer. When your washing machine is empty, pour two full cups of vinegar into the washing machine. Use the regular wash cycle, on hot with no clothes in it. This method will disinfect and clean the inside of the washing machine with the press of a button.

Wrinkle Release: Ironing can be a time-consuming process when you’re in a rush and trying to get out the door. To avoid the panic, use a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and mix it in a spray bottle. With the wrinkled item hanging, mist the spray over your clothing, aiming for the most wrinkled spots and let the piece air dry. Once dry, your wrinkles will be released, and your outfit will be ready to wear.

Sticker Remover: Lastly, when you can’t get that pesky label off a new purchase, try vinegar to remove those stuck on stickers. Spray or dab vinegar directly onto the tag to disintegrate it and make it easier to remove entirely rather than in bits and pieces.

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