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Decorating Your Home: Accent Pieces

Every home comes with little nooks, corners, and wall space that are just begging to be filled up with your favorite decor pieces. But where do you start? When it comes down to it, it’s all about finding that perfect combination of furniture, room colors, and accent pieces to help create a completed room. We have picked a few Valor inspired rooms to show you how adding accent pieces can simply change the look and feel of the room.

When you’re starting to bring accent pieces into your room, you want to make sure you are not overwhelming your space. A great rule of thumb is to decorate in groups of three’s or spread out a few stand-alone pieces. For example, when you look at the woodsy living room below, you can see how adding natural accent pieces bring the look of the room together. By using small groups on some of the larger surfaces and some stand out pieces like the rustic animals, it gives off the natural and woodsy theme without being overpowering or cluttered.


Another significant factor to consider is the color palette you want to create. When you are choosing accent pieces, you want them to blend well with the rest of the room but still stand out to make a statement on their own. Using the room below as an example, you can see how well the blue accent pieces stand out in a neutral-colored room setting. The blue tones are carried through the whole space, giving it a cohesive and organized look, while still showing off favorite pieces and pictures! A great way to bring the color through the room is to have accent pillows and furniture that matches your chosen colors.


If you want to keep the room looking clean and modern, bold statement pieces are the way to go! Looking at the contemporary living room below, we can see how a few larger statement pieces rule the room (no pun intended). The rustic wood ruler stands alone but calls for attention as it stands out over the grey and white color scheme. The wood detail carries throughout the living room with the unique and practical wood storage center that brings the look together. The wood door next to the Valor G3.5 is a secret place for electronics and component storage, keeping everything tucked away and clutter-free!


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