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When it comes to renovating and DIY projects, it can be easy to focus on the larger areas of your home or places that people use and see the most. One room that should always be on the list is the bathroom as it’s a high traffic area that we use multiple times a day. We have found three easy and stunning DIY projects for your bathroom that will give it a quick facelift with little effort!

DIY Show Off

DIY Toilet Paper Shelf

This little, quick project that will add a new layer of design and function to your bathroom. You can also add extra shelving to increase storage possibility and make more of a dramatic look if you have space. All you will need is a few supplies at the hardware store to whip this practical shelf up.


DIY Pallet Wall

If you want to change the look of your bathroom and bring in a rustic feel, look no further as this project is perfect for your home! Using recycled pallets, you can create a feature bathroom wall anywhere in your space to give it a rustic yet modern twist. While this project may take a bit of elbow grease, the results are truly amazing, and you’ll have a showstopping bathroom for all to enjoy.

Lovely Crafty Home

Bathtub Upgrade
Lastly, if you have an outdated bathtub or one that needs a bit of a facelift, consider this project to change the look of your tub. This DIY project uses airstone to take your plain jane bathtub and turn it into a modern, spa-like tub by using the airstone to cover the outside of the bath. With an afternoon of work and some tools, you’ll be able to transform your bathroom in no time.

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