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It’s no surprise; prices everywhere continue to rise day after day. Whether it happens in the grocery store or at the gas pump, it can be hard to fight against the ever-rising costs of everyday life. However, when it comes to essential home items, there is a way to save some money and not sacrifice quality.

One example of a product you can purchase in-store; however, you can easily make yourself is dryer sheets! Not only are these easy to make in the comfort of your own home, you will save the cost of buying them regularly in the store.

Items Needed:

  • Cotton Cloth Or Material (Old t-shirts work great)
  • Essential Oils (Suggested: lemon, lavender, orange, mint, etc.)
  • Jar or storage container


  1. Start by cutting your cotton material into 3-5 inch squares to create the base for your dryer sheets.
  2. Next, combine your essential oils in a small bowl. You can use different combinations to create a mix of scents.
  3. Once you have your liquid ready use an eyedropper and place 3-5 drops on each cotton square.
  4. You can now layer them in a tall jar or container and use 1 per drying load. After a few washes, you will notice the scent begins to fade. Once this happens, simply mix up another scent combination and repeat the process.

Not only will these save you money, but you’ll also have wonderful smelling laundry that is static-free! 

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