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Rustic home decor has made a big statement over the last few years, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Vintage wooden crates are a big part of this trend and have proven to be beautiful and very useful.

Usually, they come with faded writing or printing from their previous owner, but that often gives them character and a bit of a story. On the flip side if you can’t get your hands on a vintage crate, head to your nearest craft store and give them a rustic touch with colored stain to achieve a similar look.

Wood Crate Nightstand

This project is super simple even for the most beginner and all you really will need for the base of your project is a wooden crate. Whether you find one that is vintage or brand new, you can customize it by adding a shelf, a door, or leaving it just as it is!


Wood Crate Storage Solution

We love this idea of maximizing storage while keeping a rustic yet designer look. By using wood crates as shelves, you can add storage to almost any wall in your home, and it will give any room a good dose of character. You can layer a few crates to make more of a storage unit or stick to one or two to keep it simple and organized. Try out different shelf heights and stains to find the perfect set up for your space.

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Wood Crate Storage Ottoman

Well, this may seem like a more advanced DIY project; however, the results are well worth it because, with a few wood crates, you can create a base for a rolling storage ottoman in your living or family space. You also can go one step further and add a plush cushion to the top of your ottoman to create extra seating for your room. If you aren’t thrilled about the upholstery idea, you can always keep it as is and use the rolling base as a standard coffee table. Whatever you decide to do, grab some friends and create a one of a kind piece for your home.

Pic/Project Credit: MonMakesThings
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