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The holidays are officially upon us as the lights start to go up around town, and trees start appearing in the windows of our neighborhood homes. However, usually, we can’t welcome the holidays, without welcoming a stream of holiday and Christmas cards into our mailboxes.

So, if that’s the case, what is the best way to display the beautiful holiday and Christmas cards you receive around your home? Well, rather than just stacking them up as you receive them or throwing them in a drawer where they can’t won’t be seen, why not show them off in a beautiful display.

Pic Credit: BHG

Ladder Card Display

We love this ladder display as you won’t need more than a simple blanket ladder or something similar to hang your cards on. If you already own a blanket ladder, remove the blankets and add a decorative string to create the perfect place to display the holiday cheer you receive this year. This display method is great if your a bit short on floor space as it won’t take much room at all!

Pic Credit: Midwest Living

Card Garland

We love this idea, as it combines decorating for the holidays and displaying your cheerful cards all in one go. Find a doorway in your home and hang fresh or faux garland around the perimeter. Next, add hooks or clips to attach your favorite cards to the garland display, and suddenly you have a very festive looking home. Displaying cards like this can be great if you need to get creative with the space you have to decorate.

Pic Credit: LollyJane

Framed Display

Last but certainly not least, this framed wire display is a beautiful way to display the cards you receive this year. As shown above, you can also add a festive wreath or decoration to bring the full Christmas display together. This would be great hanging over the mantel of your Valor Fireplace or on an area of free wall space that needs a Christmas touch! 

What is your favorite way to display your holiday cards? Share it with us below!

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