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It’s officially time to prepare for the holidays and spread some holiday cheer. One way to get fully equipped for the upcoming festivities is to plan traditions that can be done year after year with the whole family.

You can create and implement a few special activities or ideas to do every year, or if you find yourself stumped, we have gathered up some great traditions that can be done every single year over the Christmas season.

  1. Bake-A-Thon: This tradition can be done early in the season and last through to Christmas. Gather up your whole family and have everyone pick one to two of their favorite cookie recipes, then dedicate a day where the entire family can get together and bake! This tradition is a great way to spend quality time together, and you will have the great fun of taste testing all of your yummy creations. If you end up making too many cookies, consider freezing them for later in the holiday season or make up some care packages for your local neighbors and friends.
  2. Pyjama Packages: Is there anything better than getting a new pair of pajamas? Especially when most Christmas morning’s and days that follow can be spent curled up in our favorite pair of comfortable pajamas. So why not start a new yearly tradition and hold an annual pajama exchange that involves the entire family. This way, everyone will have a present to open up early, and you’ll have a new outfit for Christmas morning and the following festive days.
  3. Light Adventures: If you’re looking for a more adventurous tradition this year, look no further. This one will require transportation of some sort, a large thermos of hot chocolate (or the drink of choice), and some friends or family. Plan an evening later into the Christmas season where you and your family and friends can join together and go on a light adventure. This adventure should consist of scouring your neighborhood to find the best lights around and taking them all in as a group. Encourage those who attend to wear something cozy and make sure to have holiday music at the ready to make a festive night.
  4. Story Night: Lastly, this tradition is perfect if you’re looking for something to do inside the home. Have each family member choose their favorite Christmas storybook and get together as a group for story night. Take turns reading your favorite story to the group, making sure everyone gets a chance to share. Include some delicious snacks and a warm cup of hot chocolate to add to the evening. Lastly, this is a perfect time to keep warm in front of your Valor Fireplaces as you share your favorite stories as a family. Make sure to pick a new story each year and make it a tradition that will last.
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