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When you think of Christmas and decorating with lights, you might think of lighting your Christmas tree or hanging a few strands outside the house for a festive touch. But if we look beyond the traditional places to hang lights, you may find the options are endless when it comes to decorating with lights. Not only will decorating with lights give your whole house a festive touch, but you’ll also be able to add a different layer of light to your home, giving off the perfect holiday glow.

The best thing to do when you’re settled in for the night is to turn off all of your main lights and let the glow of your holiday lights warm up the house. But first, you need to find a way to incorporate these beautiful lights into your decorating plan.

Some Decor

Faux Tree

If you’re looking for a way to decorate with string lights and display an alternative Christmas tree, this is the perfect idea for you! Use a mix of tinsel, lights, and small decorations to create a tree wall display that will be sure to be the talk of the holidays!


Vase Lights

This idea is fantastic if you’re looking to add multiple light displays to your Christmas decor! This quick and easy project uses a mix of lights, vases, and decor to create beautiful, custom displays that work in any room. The best part is you can take a regular vase you most likely already own and make it look fantastic with a few simple steps.


Lighted Decorating

Lastly, if you want to make a statement this Christmas with lights indoors, consider adding string lights to the doorways and window frames of your home. This addition of light can make a big statement, and it can be combined with holiday garland for special Christmas touch.

    How do you decorate with indoor lights? Share your pictures and ideas below!

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