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We have officially welcomed 2020 with open arms, which might mean it’s time for a new and fresh look around the home! The process of updating your decor can seem daunting at first, with all the different forms of inspiration floating around.

However, if you start with small yet noticeable changes, you may find yourself less overwhelmed with the process and even happier with your results. Before you know it, your home could look like it’s right out of a modern home magazine. Try out some of the ideas below to give your home that extra designer edge and avoid breaking the bank by taking on these simple DIY projects.

  1. Air Vents: The floor air vents in your home aren’t the first thing you think of when it comes to home upgrades. However, these grates (depending on how old the house is) can have a brassy, undesirable finish and can be quite noticeable depending on where they are in the home. To give these vents a quick update, give them a new color with a few coats of spray paint. Pull out all of the vents out and lay them down on a tarp or drop cloth. Try to choose a modern, spray paint that matches your flooring and colors to give them a finished look. With one coat of spray primer and one coat of your spray paint of choice on each vent, you can makeover up to ten vents. Make sure to allow for proper drying time before you reinstall the vents.

  2. Light Switch Update: Light switch covers may seem like a small, insignificant detail when it comes to design. However, you use light switches every day, so why not give the covers a little extra edge? It couldn’t be easier or more cost-effective to upgrade these small switches, and it shouldn’t take long to complete. Find a plain or intricate picture frame the fits around your standard, plastic light switch covers. Once you have all the frames you need, use spray paint to match the frames to your current light covers. Once dry, attach the picture frame to your light switch cover with a strong glue and let it set. Once the glue is firm, replace your light switch covers as usual.

  3. Doorknobs: Are you still in the process of replacing outdated, brassy doorknobs around your home? It can be pretty expensive to replace all your home’s hardware in one go, so instead, why not work with what you have! To give your doorknobs the update they need, grab that handy spray paint (depending on your color the vents and doorknobs could be done in the same shade) and remove all of your hardware from the doors. Layout the knobs on a tarp and give them a good coat of paint! Depending on what spray paint you use, you shouldn’t need a primer as the paint will cover the metal evenly. Let the knobs dry entirely and consider a second coat if needed. Once dry, re-install your hardware to give your doors and handles a whole new style.

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