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In almost every home, you will find a dining room or formal seating area somewhere in the house. However, sometimes dining rooms get forgotten about for a less formal eating area or because they don’t get enough use and tend to get left behind. So what needs to be done to make your dining room stand out?

Well, a great base to start with is to purchase a dining room table and set of chairs that will work best for your family. You’ll want to look for a dining set that meets all the needs of your family (room for guests, younger children, no children, etc.) and one that will fit into space well. Once you have the base of your dining room in place, the next step is to add personal and decor touches to make the room really pop and to help it become more inviting.


Fresh (or faux) flowers may seem like a simple way to decorate, but with the right touch, they can catch the eye and stand out. The great thing about using flowers to decorate your dining room is you can continuously change the colors and styles whenever you feel the notion. In the photo below, we can see how well the white hydrangeas and roses complement the elegance of the room and enhance the formal chandeliers that hang above the dining space. By using a similar colored flower, it also makes the darker chairs pop against the neutral color scheme.

Pic Credit: Nousdecor


Candles can change the look of a room in an instant by merely adding a layer of light. Whether you prefer a cluster of lighted candles in the middle of your table or if you like the space and modern look of a single candle, the options are endless. Not only do candles provide secondary, soft lighting that will cover the whole room, it also creates a centerpiece that draws the eye to the light. Using mirrors as a backdrop to your dining room, you will be able to extend the look, giving your room a more expansive look then it is. Try different styles by playing around with candle heights, colors, and holders to create your custom look.

Pic Credit: Mariakillam

Rustic Accents

If your dining room or home carries more of a country look, using rustic-inspired accent pieces as your centerpiece will bring the entire look together. Use different vintage pieces, bottles, jars, baskets, etc. to create an eclectic look that will stand out and show off your style. Most items will be found at your local swap meets or garage sales, and you can buy several pieces to change the look as often as you please. Try to find a few pieces that match the accent colors in your room to give the whole design a cohesive look.

Pic Credit: The36thavenue

Last but certainly not least, if you are looking for a way to make your dining room different then all the rest, consider adding a Valor Fireplace to your dining space. Not only will a Valor give your guests something to talk about at your next party, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the warmth while you enjoy your favorite meal.


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