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When it comes to designing your kitchen or dining space, what are the essential items that you must have? To start, you might find yourself dreaming of an organized and well-designed kitchen, and a functional yet beautiful dining room might be another.

However, have you ever considered adding a fireplace into your kitchen or dining room design? Not only can it add an elegant, unique touch to either room, it’s also a great way to bring the warmth and comfort of a Valor Fireplace into an unexpected space.

Dining Room

While a fireplace in the dining room may seem unusual, it gives your room more purpose and functionality. In the photo below, we can see how well the Valor Portrait Ledge with a black, modern surround fits into the room. Because of its slim design, it doesn’t overpower the space but leaves you with the feeling of warmth and comfort as you enjoy dinner with your family or a romantic dinner at home. While this placement may seem unexpected, it gives your dining room a standout feature that can’t be missed.



Most people spend the majority of their time in the kitchen as it’s where we tend to cook, eat, and socialize. So it only makes sense to add in an extra social element that will get your guests talking and bring a new kind of comfort into the room. Again, the Valor Portrait Series works perfectly in the kitchen space as it won’t take up valuable square footage and still gives you the warmth and comfort of a full-size fireplace. The addition of a gas fireplace might be the modern, unique twist your kitchen has been waiting for!


No matter what design or setup you choose for your new kitchen or dining space, make sure to consider adding a Valor Fireplace to transform your room. Not only will you create an extra cozy atmosphere for the whole household, but you can also truly make your space stand out with the addition of a modern Valor Fireplace.

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