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It can sometimes be challenging to decide on colors and styles that work best for your home, especially in the middle of a renovation. This is especially true when we choose to decorate with neutral colors as it can be easy to overwhelm a room and or leave it feeling cold and empty because of a decorating imbalance. Luckily, we have gathered some of the most important do’s and don’ts when it comes to decorating with neutrals!

Do start with a strong base neutral color for your room, such as a grey, cream, or white. This base color will give you a blank canvas to work from and will help you see the room in the simplest way possible before you start decorating.


Don’t be afraid to experiment once you have a base color in place for your room, because a neutral palette can still call for bright pops of color. For a modern effect, consider creating an accent wall in a complementary color to give your walls their own personality.

Do try out different textures when you are bringing in furniture and comfortable seating. Try to find a similar feel or pattern within the items you purchase, but make sure they will still stand out on their own up against your base color. Bringing in wood and natural wood items is a great way to accent this palette and highlight the light colors.


Don’t stray away from bringing bold artwork or brightly colored decor pieces into your room. Not only will this help your neutral scheme stand out, but it will also help showcase your custom style personality.

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