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Well, the day of love is officially arriving this week, and if your finding yourself short on Valentine’s Day ideas, we’ve got you covered. These three lovely ideas will include a few extraordinary things, such as your loved ones, some delicious food, and your Valor Gas Fireplace to make for a memorable evening. 

Family Camp In

This idea will apply best to those who have kids or family members who will be joining in on a family fun night on Valentine’s evening. Set up a family camp out in front of your gas fireplace, but don’t forget the essentials. You’ll need blankets, pillows, various snacks, which may include marshmallows ( not for roasting of course), and lastly, your gas fireplace. Whether you decide to watch movies, sit around the fire and swap stories, or simply enjoy each other’s company, this can be an excellent way for everyone to connect. 

Fireside Movie Night

Whether you’re hanging out with a crowd or having a couple’s night in, a fireside movie night is a great idea to celebrate Valentine’s day. Create a shortlist of movies, so you won’t have to spend time flipping through Netflix and cozy up next to the gas fireplace as you work your way through the list. Also, don’t forget a very important movie night essential: popcorn! 

Create A Wine Tasting

Lastly, if you’re looking for a romantic yet fun way to celebrate the day of love, why not create your own DIY home wine tasting. Purchase a few bottles of wine and pop them into paper bags, so the label and bottle are covered. Spend time tasting each wine, describe what you taste, and try to guess which wine is which. It can be a great way to find a new favorite bottle of wine, and it can all be all done next to the comfort and flickering flame of your Valor Gas Fireplace.

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