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We are seeing a lot more styles and trends go back to basics when it comes to home design and decorating. One primary decorating material that has been around for virtually ever is natural wood. By bringing natural wood elements in the home, it refreshes your space and brings the outdoors inside. The options are endless when we are talking about natural wood as you can bring in small accents to pull together the room, or you can use it as your main decor to make a modern and bold statement!

Natural Wood Mantel

We don’t have to look far to see how amazing natural wood can look when it is displayed as a mantel for your fireplace. Taking a fresh and rustic approach to your fireplace mantel that will sit above your¬†Valor Fireplace, adds in a new layer to your design and accents your finishes nicely. Consider adding in a similar wood and texture when choosing your smaller decor pieces, as this will create a cohesive look.

Valor Legend G4 Insert With Natural Wood Mantel

Accent Wall

If you are looking for a way to make big statement, consider adding in a wood accent wall to the space of your choice. Not only will this accent wall give your visitors something to talk about, it give the room a custom and modern look that is hard to recreate because of the rustic wood slats. Try to add in accent colors that can be found within the grains of the wood to create a natural color scheme.

Photo Cred: Front Hoz

Wood Shelving & Storage

When you think of building storage and shelving for your home, your first thought may be to run to the store for pre-made shelves. But instead, why not create your own rustic, natural style wood shelves that will add character to your home while still being practical. You can choose whatever wood fits your style and have pieces custom sized for your space. This method for creating shelving will also help alleviate any storage issues as the floating shelves don’t require any floor space.

Pic Cred: Home Bunch

Wood Doors

Last but not least, if you’re tired of the traditional look for your closets and entryways, why not create something custom? Barn doors have recently been all over home decor as they allow your room to have a feature wall without actually taking up any wall space. Because this beautiful wood is acting as a closet door, you can enjoy the features of a wood accent piece but still cover off your storage areas. This design can be created with many types of wood and styles; the options are truly endless.

Photo Cred: Traditional Home
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