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Picture frames have been around forever, framing pictures of our loved ones, our home, and our favorite moments in life. But have you ever considered other uses for picture frames? It takes a little creativity and maybe a little elbow grease, but the results are well worth it as a picture frame can be super versatile. Whether you have an old weathered frame with no place to go or just an excess of picture frames, don’t throw them out just yet!

Pic/Project Cred: allthingsthrifty

DIY Custom TV Frame

This is such a creative way to hide some unsightly cords and wires, all well making your living room or flex space looking finished. This project uses a vintage frame to surround the wall-mounted television and hide any and all cords and extras that might be showing. Not only is this an easy way to repurpose a beautiful frame, but it will also help your TV and media area really stand out. This set up would look excellent hanging over your Valor Fireplace and really will become a centerpiece of the room.

Pic/Project Cred: PrettyDesigns

DIY Photo Frame

When we use a frame to encase our pictures and memories, we usually end up using it traditionally with the glass and backing. But to switch up your display and get creative with your photos, why not go back to basics and just use the frame. Find a frame you love and remove everything on it, leaving the picture frame intact. Once you have done that, you can hang pictures from the inside of your frame with twine or ribbon and small clothespins. Not only does this allow you to continually change the images you display, but you’ll also be able to show off your own personality with this fun and easy DIY project.

Pic/Project Cred: vintagerevivals

DIY Custom Frame Headboard

For a DIY project that will stand out, why not turn your favorite frame into a beautiful headboard. This project will work best with a smaller sized bed such as a double or twin, but the options will be unlimited when it comes to style, color, and design. Whether you keep a weathered frame with a new fun fabric or go for a glossy frame with a vintage-inspired fabric, this project can really bring any bedroom together. It may take a little elbow grease, but is well worth it for the results.

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