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With the Summer season on the way, we usually will see bright sunshine, hot temperatures, and no clouds in the sky. But there can be one annoying thing that comes with Summer, which is pesky bug visitor: mosquitoes!

Not only are they annoying and hard to get rid of, but they can leave you with itchy bites that can really put a damper on your summer. Luckily, there is an easy way to repel these annoying bugs and find some peace on your deck or in your backyard this summer.  


If you can believe it, the beautiful smell of basil will keep pesky mosquitoes at bay! Plant this fresh herb in a planter box on your patio or directly into your garden to keep the bugs out and mosquitoes away. You’ll also be able to harvest your basil once it’s fully grown for sauces and different recipes all Summer long.


Lavender is another great plant that has a strong aroma and a beautiful appearance, all while fighting away mosquitoes. Lavender is an excellent plant to have in your garden, especially in multiple patches, as the smell will grow stronger as the plant grows and expands.  For an extra step in mosquito protection, dry lavender sprigs and hang them near doorways and windows to keep pesky intruders out.


Marigolds are known for their vibrant colored blooms that can be seen from anywhere in the garden. But did you know they also contain an ingredient that is used in most bug sprays and repellent? That is why they make the perfect choice for flowers in your garden as they will keep mosquitoes away while keeping your garden bright and beautiful. Consider using marigolds as your border flower in your garden to make a protective fence around your other plants and your backyard.


Catnip isn’t just for cats anymore, it’s for keeping away the most annoying bugs as well! Mosquitoes hate the smell and look of catnip and will do pretty much anything to avoid it. Which is why it’s the perfect choice for planting in your garden or on your patio. Even just keeping small pots of catnip around can make all the difference, and if you have cats, they’ll be extra happy with this new addition to your garden!

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